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The Hemingway Smoothie

Prose. It's arguably the most powerful tool we have as humans and sets us apart from the other beasts, birds, and bugs with whom we...

Pear-y Green Smoothie

Pears; I really do love pears, and I use them in desserts or in salads, but I hardly ever think of these lovely fruits for smoothies. We...

"Code Yellow" Smoothie

Ah, the dreaded summer "cold." I tried to creep into my house this week. The sniffles, the fatigue, and the overall feeling of "I think...

Choco-Almond Smoothie

I had a KILLER workout. I was energized, motivated, and had the endurance to really push myself to the limits and go beyond my current...

Orange Sunrise Smoothie

When the sun rises in my small part of the Earth, my house glows; literally. You know those alarm clocks that invite warmth and slowly...

Breakfast Ice Cream

We slept with the windows open last night, but the air in the morning was humid. The house didn't really cool off and so, I did NOT want...

PB & J Smoothie

This combination has been done (a lot), I know. It is 100% basic, but PB & J is popular for a reason; it's delicious! Who doesn't like...

Black Forest Smoothie

This vegan Black Forest Smoothie is just a little sweet and a nice contrast of tart. The chocolate notes are forward with a tang of the...

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